TV Star Explains How She Is Preventing Cancer Recurrence

TV presenter Julia Bradbury has spoken publicly about her experience of breast cancer, including the steps she is taking to help prevent a recurrence of the disease.

Ms Bradbury, famous for her Wainwright Walks and other travel and nature shows, told Woman & Home magazine about her experiences of undergoing a mastectomy and having a silicone implant, as well as how she is cutting down on alcohol.
Outlining how her top priority is “staying alive for my children,” the 51-year-old admitted: “Historically, I haven’t been kind to my body or my gut. I had a reputation for drinking everybody else under the table.”

Now, she revealed, she doesn’t “feel comfortable drinking alcohol”, explaining that while one unit of alcohol a day would put her risk of recurrence at five or six per cent, four units a day would raise it as high as 28 per cent.
Ms Bradbury also rejected the notion that her getting cancer was just down to “bad luck”, noting that her refined sugar intake had been too high and that there were often too many toxins of all sorts in her diet.

While stating that her silicone implant is actually visible because her low levels of body fat make her skin thinner, the presenter said she wasn’t keen on further surgery and was focused on making the most of her life, describing her mantra as “be grateful for what you do have, not what you don’t have”.

As well as diet, various other factors influence the risk of breast cancer recurring. While five years without cancer can be seen as a cure in some cases, for those with hormone-sensitive tumours the recurrence can occur as much as 20 years later.

However, the fact remains that survival rates have risen significantly in recent decades as treatment and understanding of the disease have improved.

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