Early Warning Signs Of Cancer

Early diagnosis is an essential part of treating cancer effectively and reducing the risk of it spreading to places or in ways that make it inoperable.

One of the best ways of spotting and stopping cancer early is to be aware of some of the common symptoms and conditions that could be linked to the condition.

This allows for cancer care to be provided as soon as it is needed and avoids the complications that come with the late stages of the disease.

It must be noted that with 200 different types of cancer with very different symptoms, having a universal set of warning signs is not entirely helpful, and it also needs to be stated that simply having one or even several of these symptoms does not mean you have cancer.

However, if you have a symptom similar to one of these that is unusual for you, tell your doctor.

Blood Where There Shouldn’t Be

If you notice yourself coughing up blood, or if there is blood in your stool or pee, this is a sign to book an appointment with your doctor, especially if you cannot pinpoint another cause for it.

In the mouth, coughing up blood can be a sign of a tongue or mouth ulcer, which is itself a potential symptom.

A Loss Of Appetite

Losing your appetite temporarily is a symptom of many illnesses, but if you constantly feel bloated and never seem to feel hungry anymore, it could be a sign of a tumour affecting your digestive system.

Similarly, if you notice weight loss that you cannot account for, this can also be attributable to some forms of cancer, although there can of course be other reasons.

Unusual Lumps, Sores And Pain

Lumps are a more commonly known symptom, and many incredible campaigns have encouraged people to feel for changes in their breasts, genitals and other parts of their body.

However, there are other ways cancer can manifest as well, such as moles that either develop or have changed from how they were, a cut or sore that does not seem to heal, or pains that seem to come from nowhere.