Study into MR-Linac accelerator showing improved patient outcomes

This study shows that radiotherapy practitioners and members of hospital management expect to see improved patient outcomes.

The majority of respondents in the study saw improved patient outcomes across 4 key areas

Accurate targeting

Real-time magnetic resonance imaging(MRI) means the MRIdian can show the exact position and shape of the tumour during treatment, so it can target radiation at the tumour precisely.

Greater control and precision

The MRIdian is the only MR linac to have automated beam control, so if your tumour moves slightly, your treatment will automatically pause until it comes back into position.

Reduced side effects

The MRIdian’s increased accuracy means the radiation beam is less likely to damage healthy tissue than conventional radiotherapy. Side effects occur when healthy tissue is damaged

Fewer treatments

With conventional radiotherapy, you may need up to 37 treatments. But with the MRIdian, the radiation is much more focused and you may only need five treatments

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