Do Sunbeds Increase Risk Of Skin Cancer

For decades, people have been warned by private oncology experts to stay away from the sunbed, as it can potentially increase the risk of both melanoma skin cancer and non-melanoma skin cancer.

According to the NHS, people who are frequently exposed to UV rays or suffer from sunburn early in life have a greater chance of developing skin cancer, and one young celebrity learned how early this can appear.

Lexi Cabrera, better known to her fans as Alexa Bliss, posted a series of pictures on her social media of a procedure she had to remove a basal cell carcinoma.

Originally, it had just appeared as a spot on her face, but she notice that it had gotten worse so she went to a clinic to get a biopsy, where it was revealed she has non-melanoma skin cancer.

Unlike melanoma skin cancer, it typically takes years to progress and can be easily treated if caught early enough.

The 31-year-old professional wrestler reassured her fans that she was all clear, but also wished that she could have told her younger self to stay out of sun beds.

She also urged her fans to always get themselves checked if they sunbathe or use tanning beds, particularly younger fans where the effects of using a sunbed can lead to an increased risk of skin cancer in the future.

Ultimately, whilst people over the age of 18 are free to use them if they want, they should reconsider if they have a history of sunburn, have pale skin that burns easily, have freckles or moles, have a family history of skin cancer or have a medical condition such as vitiligo that is exacerbated by sunlight.

There is no safe tan, whether from sunbeds or exposed on a sunny day, so it is best to reconsider or consult your doctor before lying back on a sunbed.